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#30: Your Convictions Sometimes Lead to Quitting

Quit Now


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Your convictions sometimes leads to quitting, let me explain.

 My main goal and conviction for 2014 is to:

  1. Stop living to work.

  2. Maximize my time so I can grow TCW to become my full time focus by living out my personal TCW mission: “Helping women around the world grow their confidence and find continuous support from all of us women to live life how they see fit.”  

I have spent years and years working so much that it is unhealthy.  This lifestyle gets in the way of my personal time, enjoying the small things life, and living with pure objectivity.  This is my year to change this.

For those of you do not know, while I strive to build my coaching biz and TCW I’m a bartender and cocktail server.  I spend many of nights in a wonderful local sports bar, sober, with drunk people for the last 4 years.  I enjoy the people and regular guests but wanted to find a way to maximize my time used to pay rent so I could focus more time on TCW.

At the beginning of this year I started a new bartending job at a five star restaurant outside of the Portland, Oregon area.  Higher check averages normally equals higher tips.  I was sold on the tale of shorter shifts, more money on average, and a higher level of cliente.  To ensure they “were as great as they seemed,” I keep a couple shifts at the sports bar, and started working 3 days at the “grass is greener” establishment.

If you could not foreshadow what was to come, this new bartending job was not how they described it would be.  In fact, it was worse, way worse. I worked longer shifts, sometimes didn’t make more money, and the morale between management and staff was bad.  In addition, on two occasions my integrity of responsible alcohol serving was tested because management cared more about important guests than our state’s liquor laws (which could have had me fined, fired, and unable to bartend for at least 30 days in our state if Oregon’s Liquor Commission and Control would have found out).  In short, BIG DEAL!     

In a short 5 weeks all this became reality.  I started to become frustrated over everything because more of my time had been taking away from me, from TCW, and from you.  I hated it.  People ensured money would be better in the summer.  In reality though, I didn’t care about lots of money because that was not my focus.  

What was my focus again?  

  1. Having balance in my life.

  2. Regaining control of my time to focus it where was needed.

  3. Quit sacrificing my convictions for other people’s wants and needs in life.

During the end of the 5th week as I drove to work, I was fighting tears because I did not want to go.  In that moment I knew what I needed to do, FREAKIN’ QUIT!  The next day I put in my two weeks and thanked them for the opportunity.  They were shocked, they tried to get me to stay, but I did not budge.

Quitting felt amazing and freeing because it was right for me!    

I have never quit a job so quickly and am normally more loyal to employment than I should be.  Quitting was one of the most scary, freeing, and confidence building moments for me!  It was what needed to happen for me because the job did not line up with my goals for 2014, rather it stood in the way.  

The quicker you can see things in life standing in your way, the faster you can cut them out.  

Life is full of choices and we always have choices to make.  Sometimes quitting is the best option.  It does not mean you failed or gave up, rather it is freeing you to continue to focus on where you are headed.  Don’t beat yourself up over it either, because you are so strong.  Your confidence helped you stay focused and not allow others to decide your path.  Stay in the driver’s seat of your life because others are more than willing to step in for you.


I learned to cut my losses quickly when necessary and reroute my course to make up for lost time.  I picked up a few other shifts at my original sports bar job and made my schedule work best to find peace, and the time needed for TCW.


I am no longer frustrated.  I am happy and feel blessed for the opportunity to test my convictions.  This experience showed me just how strong my confidence is and my mission.  Do not let anyone rattle you ladies.  Cheers.

Question:  When was a time your convictions, goals, and life mission was tested?  How did you handle the situation and what did you learn from the experience?

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