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#31: What’s Your Personal Gas and Brakes?

Dreams Need Work


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How many of you ladies dream?  How many of your dreams feel like they could come true?  What if I told you the number is way higher than you believe?  All the time you hear different famous speakers saying things like:

“To pursue the life you want you need to get to work and live in the present.”

“By being in the present you can focus and pursue your dreams.”

“Letting go of fear and getting to work ‘in the now’ will help you lead to what you want out of life.”

Okay, we hear this whole concept, “start living, doing, and being, in the now,” but have you ever thought like I have and wondered, “What are these people really talking about, are the totally full of shit”?  

Sometimes in the past I have felt like this type of conversation was just smoke and mirrors.  Start doing this invisible thing and then it will lead to true happiness, thanks for paying for me to come and speak.  But a lot of times the “HOW TO” piece is missing.  Ever thought about raising your hand and asking, “What the heck do you mean exactly??”  I have all the time.  So you are not alone my lovely friends.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about this concept as I work on two large goals for 2014:

  1. Build TCW Community so I am busier than I can even imagine, helping women around the world, and working with this wonderful community full time, without the need for other employment to support me.

  2. Stick to my personal conviction: 2014 is the LAST YEAR I live to work.

The interesting part is goal #1 is about future planning, thinking ahead, and figuring out where us women are taking TCW (my gas).  On the other hand, goal #2 is helping me stay grounded and reflect on my actions before I make too many actions (my brakes).  Somewhere between these two is where I believe the real magic happens.  Here lies the opportunity to stay present and find balance in your life.

 Gas + Brakes = Life Balance

There is nothing wrong with future planning, having goals, and pursuing your dreams.  If you didn’t have them your life would never improve and change.  The awesome part of this equation is you need checks and balances to make you stop, be present and reflect.  #1 is what I want out of life, but #2 is my why.

What is your why for your goals?  You need to take some time to really digest this question.  Take some notes, dive into your soul, and answer it honestly to yourself.  There is no wrong answer besides a person who avoids the question entirely.  Without taking this necessary time you might never reach your goals, or it will be a way harder road than necessary.  Who wants to waste time?  This process helps keep you present because you cannot accomplish your want without understanding your why.

Soak it up, let it sink in, digest your why, and let yourself regurgitate that concept out to the world.  Your why is your clue to how to live present and get what you want out life.

Come join me in this new premise of how to find life balance, through your own personal gas and brakes.  

Questions:  What is your why, your personal gas and brakes in life?  Where do you see yourself going on this journey in 2014?

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