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My Story

Joey_Full Size_02Hello, my name is Joey Phillippi. I am so excited to share my life experiences and life mission with you! I am passionate about:

  • Helping women become more confident.
  • Revamping “Womanhood’s” current definition to represent us women today.
  • Spreading love and changing the world.
  • Using my knowledge and life experiences to help others.

Just like you, I am full of emotion, faith, passion, love, and hope, seeking out a sense of belonging and support from others I surround myself with. My life journey so far has had many twists and turns that have brought me to this point where I now live out my life mission. These experiences have been full of love, laughter, tears, sorrow, and lessons learned. I am sure your stories are filled with these as well. We can learn from one another. I am going to change our world, spread love, build up every woman that joins this community, and support everyone who helps me in the movement of changing the view of Womanhood to represent us living today. Before I get ahead of myself to explain where I am now, I will give you a summary of the journey that has brought me here.

For the majority of my life I was raised by my mother in Silverton, Oregon, a small town south east of Portland. We are a religious family and I grew up attending Immanuel Lutheran Church in my home town. From diapers my mother told me I would attend to college and achieve much in my life. Growing up my mother was strict, demanding, loving, and one of my biggest supporters to achieve success. In 2006 I achieved my Bachelors of Arts in Management and Organizational Leadership from George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon. In 2011 I achieved my Masters in Social Work with a Dual Concentration in Clinical Social Work and Management, Community Planning, and Social Administration from Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, Idaho. I am a Licensed Master Social Worker, and following graduation I moved back to Oregon.

Over the last decade I have become more and more passionate about women rights and our ability to break away from societal pressures on how women should act, look, and live our lives. In my early 20’s I went through a break up that shook my world because afterwards I realized I did not know who I truly was. I looked around I found myself identified only by labels; his ex-girlfriend, this company’s employee, that college’s student, and these people’s close friends and family. Though I had no freaking clue whom I truly was and what really mattered to me beyond these labels. I had supportive family and friends, but I felt alone because I forgot the importance of growing the relationship with myself just like anyone else in my life. Has anyone else ever felt this??

Following this break up I took the next couple of years to grow the most important human relationship a person has, with myself!! I learned many of the same tactics I teach in my TCW Confidence Program as a Confidence Coach. I learned what my passions were, made them a priority in my life, and started to change myself from the inside out. I formed a healthy workout plan to match the mental and emotional plan I was working on. I reconnected with the relationships I truly value in my life and grew them. I learned to start ignoring the media and pressures they put on women. I started listening to positive outlets for guidance, strength, and motivation. I changed, and I credit those years for the great woman I continue to become.

Many women missed an opportunity like this to consciously knock themselves onto the right track of growing their relationship with themselves. Through the TCW community and the TCW Confidence Program I am creating that opportunity for you today, no matter your age, past situations, or struggles (click on TCW Confidence Program  for more information). If you are willing to work and make changes in your life, I am here as your Confidence Coach to assist in that happening. Between my education and life experiences to date I know I am well equipped to help women grow the confidence they have within themselves. We are reshaping women here to be the best model of your own self, not someone else, but of you.

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As the leader of the TCW Community and your Confidence Coach I promise:

  • To always be genuine and true of who I am, and how I portray myself to you one on one and in the community,
  • To stay faithful to my passions, life mission, and beliefs,
  • To share my shortcomings, lessons in life, and struggles so you may relate, not feel alone in this, and hopefully learn from my experiences,
  • To respond to every email, comment, or other means of communication in a timely manner,
  • To always be the hardest working person in this community, inside the arena with sleeves pulled up, pounding the pavement to change the world, and spread love with everyone else.

 Questions? Comments? Email me at I would love to hear from you! 

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About Me

Hello, I am Joey Phillippi, a Licensed Master Social Worker.  My mission is to help you live a confident life, gain a greater understanding of yourself and others, and identify ways we can join together to positively change our world.

I have conducted many confidence interviews with women to gather additional insight to understand how to create a generation of confident women.  I write, speak, and coach on the subject of confidence to help women improve their lives and achieve their dreams and goals.

I am dating a wonderful man, enjoy traveling, riding motorcycles, exercise, living a healthy life, and look forward to becoming a mother in the future.

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