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Becky’s Thoughts On Confidence-#0003

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and handled Monday like it was nothing.  Today I am bringing you another treat to help make your Tuesday extra sweet.

I spoke with Becky Magill from Pennsylvania regarding women’s confidence.  She is married with dogs who co-owns a wellness center with her husband.  She is a Liscenced Massage Therapist and Empathic Therapist.  I had a lot of fun interviewing her.  I hope you enjoy our conversation.

After watching the interview please let me know if something moved you from our discussion and if I can improve this process in any way.  My biggest goal from this project is to provide as much value as I can to you.  If there is a way to do that, or something you loved, leave a comment below.  I need to hear from you to know how I am doing.  Assuming things gets me in trouble ya know.  🙂

If you would like to contact Becky for additional information her website is:

Have a great week!  Remember you are fabulous, stronger than you know, and braver than you feel.  Keep striving for the most in life.  Now go watch the video and then jump over to the TCW Community and let’s chat about your thoughts!

Cheers & Be Brave,

Joey, Your Confidence Coach

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