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Episode 7: “Time Management” Confidence Coaching Moment of the Week

If you are at all like me, the topic of Time Managment is a daily struggle.  This is something that I have to consciously stay on top of or I have noticed that other people or things will start to rule my time.  Can you relate?

This topic today is for my own selfish reminder and moment for me to publicly say, “I’m sorry” by not keeping my promise and allowing excuses and life get the way of me keeping to these weekly videos.  …

The Seven Lessons 2014 Taught Me

Woman in Sunlight

The hours of 2014 are slowly disappearing no matter how you look at it. As a sip on coffee and reflect, a biggest revelation I have is 2014 was a huge growing year for me, personally and professionally. These growing pains brought tears, strength, struggles, and triumph. I know each experience was required to equip me for 2015. I am grateful for it all.…

#33: Choices Made is Confidence Earned


Image by Sacks08

Conversations you have with yourself….

“What outfit am I going to wear today?  Will I stop and get a coffee on my way to work?  With lunch will I get fries or substitute the salad?  Who will I call to have dinner with tomorrow?  When will I fit in my workout today?”

What are the answers to these questions?  …

#32: The Trust Game

Broken Glass


Image by Rafael Saldana

Ladies, what is something you cannot see but is powerful, can change lives, and build up or destroy relationships?


Trust is an invisible but very powerful.  It is something we give to others and pray they respect and treasure.  Even though for something that you can never hold, it can create catastrophic damage when someone misuses it.  

#31: What’s Your Personal Gas and Brakes?

Dreams Need Work


Image by Wickerfurniture

How many of you ladies dream?  How many of your dreams feel like they could come true?  What if I told you the number is way higher than you believe?  All the time you hear different famous speakers saying things like:

“To pursue the life you want you need to get to work and live in the present.”

“By being in the present you can focus and pursue your dreams.”

“Letting go of fear and getting to work ‘in the now’ will help you lead to what you want out of life.”

Okay, we hear this whole concept, “start living, doing, and being, in the now,” but have you ever thought like I have and wondered, “What are these people really talking about, are the totally full of shit”?  

#30: Your Convictions Sometimes Lead to Quitting

Quit Now


Image by fuzzcat

Your convictions sometimes leads to quitting, let me explain.

 My main goal and conviction for 2014 is to:

  1. Stop living to work.

  2. Maximize my time so I can grow TCW to become my full time focus by living out my personal TCW mission: “Helping women around the world grow their confidence and find continuous support from all of us women to live life how they see fit.”  

I have spent years and years working so much that it is unhealthy.  …

#29: The Battle Women Cannot Afford to Fight

Boxing Gloves

Image By Todd Huffman

Growing up our parents told us, “treat people how you want to be treated.”  As children we learn to be nice, respectful, and trusting of others in our lives.  As we get older we learn the dark side to this coin.

What happens when people do not treat us how we want to be treated back?  

Trust is a funny concept.

#28: Encore: Instead of Knowing the Rules, Quit Playing the Game



Dating is like a dramatic score to a movie.  It has the potential to draw you in and inspire you to fall in love with what is happening around you.  On the other hand, it can also lead you down the path where you learn the truth is not always what it seems.

For the most part when I talk to single women about dating, I normally get this response, “Dating sucks!  …

#14: Marvelous Mondays “Drive” (Podcast)

MM Sunflower

Have you ever thought about what drives you?  What about how others in your life are affecting your drive in positive or negative ways?

This week on Marvelous Mondays I dive into the subject of drive, how to accomplish your new goals for 2014, and how people in your life are helping you or standing in your way.

Great information this week!  …

#13: Marvelous Mondays “Goal Setting” (Podcast)

MM SunflowerWe are less than 48 hours away from 2014.

The year ahead if full of unknown opportunities, obstacles, and lessons to learn.

This is the time of year to set goals for the next 365 days so you are ready to handle the unknown and make the most of your time.

Today’s episode builds on MM #12 of where we wrote down our lessons learned in 2013.  …

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