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Episode 1: “Choose Wisely With Your Time” Confidence Coaching Moment of The Week Series

Welcome to the first episode of many to come of this amazing new video series for Truly Confident Women!  The purpose of this series to have short videos, full of great points, insight, and useful information that you can start implementing into your daily practice today.  In short, great insight to help you work on growing your confidence right now.  How freakin’ cool it that!?!?!  If there are topics you need me to cover, let me know.  I am so excited for this series and what I know it will do for your confidence.

This week on #CCMOTW I am going to dive deeper into the topic of choosing wisely with your time, who you give it to, and how this is so important for you to grow your confidence.  I will also discuss how you might not be using your time wisely and what steps you can make to change that.

I hope you find the information helpful.  Please leave me a comment below and let me know what you think.  Share the heck out of it if you enjoy what I am saying.  Sign up for TCW’s Community to get the videos in your email box every week and see you next week!  Feel free to use the hashtag #CCMOTW to discuss your thoughts and insight on Instagram, Twitter, and/or Facebook.  Make sure you also tag me and/or TCW as well so I see your great points.  Below are all the ways to connect with me and TCW.  Also, use the different buttons to the right as well.

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Be Brave, Be Bold, and Be Badass in your lives ladies, Cheers!!


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Hello, I am Joey Phillippi, a Licensed Master Social Worker.  My mission is to help you live a confident life, gain a greater understanding of yourself and others, and identify ways we can join together to positively change our world.

I have conducted many confidence interviews with women to gather additional insight to understand how to create a generation of confident women.  I write, speak, and coach on the subject of confidence to help women improve their lives and achieve their dreams and goals.

I am dating a wonderful man, enjoy traveling, riding motorcycles, exercise, living a healthy life, and look forward to becoming a mother in the future.

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