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Did How Your Clothes Fit or Bad Hair Mess Up Your Day?

I hope your week is going well.  I got the case of food poisoning, which was awful, but I am on the mends with keeping food in my body like a normal person.  (Hence the late email arrival)

I want to come clean with you.  My goal is to always be as transparent as I feel appropriate to share with what is going on in our community and my life.  Over the last 3 weeks I have learned a lesson in failing fast.

To be honest, I am a BIG believer in failing fast.  It takes the emotions out of things, I can quickly regroup and make a new plan, and figure out a better approach to tackle something.  I learned that how I was putting out the interviews was not working, first for me and second for you to really get to good stuff out of it.

Every 30-40 minute video takes probably 4-5 hours with editing, filming the trailers, uploading, and posting it everywhere.  Times that by two a week, around my 45 hour full time job with my commute included, I do not have much time to focus on growing my coaching biz or my current clients.

That was a big PROBLEM!

Plus, my goal is for you to soak up the good information and it is hard to sit and watch a 30+ minute video twice a week.  So, I ate some of my pride, failed fast, and knew I needed a different plan to produce these interviews.

Now what I am doing is going to break up the questions I ask into little mini videos that will be probably 3-5 minutes each and share them throughout the week.  This will require less time out of me and less for you to enjoy the information.

Below is the first video following this new plan.  I think Brittany makes a great point about how we put too much emphasis on our outer appearance and how this effects our confidence.  If you felt like you had a bad hair day or your pants were too tight, watch this video.

Please, leave me a comment to let me know what you think of this new design of how I will share the interviews.  You can even simply hit reply and I will get your comments in my inbox.

If you want to check out Brittany more as she is a singer, songwriter, and author, the links are below.

Be Brave & Share Your Story.

Joey, Your Qualified Coach

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