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Episode 2: “Empower One Another Rather than Solely Competing With Eachother” Confidence Coaching Moment of the Week Series

This week on “Confidence Coaching Moment of the Week” I am focusing on a subject that many of us, including myself, need reminders of from time to time.  Women, we need to quit solely wanting to compete with each other and start empowering one another to success.  By building each other up we will all have a better chance to grow our confidence and improve our lives.  Want to know more about what I am talking about?

Watch below and learn lovely!  Be Brave, Be Bold, and Be Badasses ladies!  Cheers!  xoxoxo

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Hello, I am Joey Phillippi, a Licensed Master Social Worker.  My mission is to help you live a confident life, gain a greater understanding of yourself and others, and identify ways we can join together to positively change our world.

I have conducted many confidence interviews with women to gather additional insight to understand how to create a generation of confident women.  I write, speak, and coach on the subject of confidence to help women improve their lives and achieve their dreams and goals.

I am dating a wonderful man, enjoy traveling, riding motorcycles, exercise, living a healthy life, and look forward to becoming a mother in the future.

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