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Episode 6: “Plan Ahead for Success” Confidence Coaching Moment of the Week

The first step in making changes in your life is setting goals.   The second step is putting steps in place to leads you to accomplish your goals.

This second step is the hardest piece of accomplishing your goals.  

Making your goals happen is not easy, and it takes daily efforts to make them happen.  It is possible though, no matter how hard your goals are.  The thing about goals is if you break them down and focus on them a little bit every day, they slowly become your reality.  Today I want to help you shift your focus to the little things you can do every single day to get closer to your goals.


Today, I am going to cover three simple steps to help you plan ahead and be successful at achieving what you have laid out for yourself.  These do not take a lot of time to implement.  The nice thing is it shifts your focus to making sure you do these steps every day rather than focusing solely on the big goal you set for yourself.  By doing the daily small tasks, the big goal ends up getting accomplished.  Win, win, my friend.  Try these tips out and let me know how they work.  Cheers!

Be Brave, Be Bold, and Be Badass ladies!

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