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Episode 7: “Time Management” Confidence Coaching Moment of the Week

If you are at all like me, the topic of Time Managment is a daily struggle.  This is something that I have to consciously stay on top of or I have noticed that other people or things will start to rule my time.  Can you relate?

This topic today is for my own selfish reminder and moment for me to publicly say, “I’m sorry” by not keeping my promise and allowing excuses and life get the way of me keeping to these weekly videos.  Back in January I got horribly sick and lost my voice.  Due to not having a few videos recorded ahead I did not have a bank to pull from when I lost my voice for almost two weeks.  I sounded real bad.  After I got better, my management of time ruled me and I did not get back into filming.

Fast forward 8 weeks later, I am back with a new game plan, admitting I make mistakes, and ready to bring a whole new light to #CCMOTW.  I hope you enjoy the the film set and videos I have in store for you.

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