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Hanssie’s Thoughts on Women’s Confidence-#0006

This episode I speak with Hanssie Ho who is honest and open with where she is at in her life and how life has effected her confidence.

Hanssie is a badass and strong woman! She is a photographer, writer, blogger, mother, and all around cool lady. I loved talking with her because she is 100% real about what it is like to go through a divorce, dating in your 30’s again, and now raising a daughter as a single mom.

The best part is that even though she discusses many ways she doesn’t feel confident or lost her confidence in the past, you can tell she is a fighter that doesn’t give up too easily.

I really hope you enjoy our discussion as I know so many women have gone through similar situations with dissolved marriages and raising children on their own. If you are someone who is struggling with this or gone through it, I hope Hanssie speaks to your heart today.

Fine support in someone else’s story. This is one of my main goals for this project. Enjoy!

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