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Episode 7: “Time Management” Confidence Coaching Moment of the Week

If you are at all like me, the topic of Time Managment is a daily struggle.  This is something that I have to consciously stay on top of or I have noticed that other people or things will start to rule my time.  Can you relate?

This topic today is for my own selfish reminder and moment for me to publicly say, “I’m sorry” by not keeping my promise and allowing excuses and life get the way of me keeping to these weekly videos.  …

Episode 6: “Plan Ahead for Success” Confidence Coaching Moment of the Week

The first step in making changes in your life is setting goals.   The second step is putting steps in place to leads you to accomplish your goals.

This second step is the hardest piece of accomplishing your goals.  

Making your goals happen is not easy, and it takes daily efforts to make them happen.  It is possible though, no matter how hard your goals are.  …

The Seven Lessons 2014 Taught Me

Woman in Sunlight

The hours of 2014 are slowly disappearing no matter how you look at it. As a sip on coffee and reflect, a biggest revelation I have is 2014 was a huge growing year for me, personally and professionally. These growing pains brought tears, strength, struggles, and triumph. I know each experience was required to equip me for 2015. I am grateful for it all.…

Episode 5: “Being Confident with Aging” Confidence Coaching Moment of the Week

This week I dive into a topic that came from TCW Member Cheryl asking for some advice on how to improve her confidence in relation to physically aging.

Especially in today’s age I felt like this was a topic that I needed to move up the list, as soon as I was done reflecting on it.  So if you believe wrinkles, stretch marks, brown spots, and more are things to be feel less confident about this video if for you!  …

Episode 4: “How to Be Successful at Goal Setting” Confidence Coaching Moment of the Week Series

Want to know how to be successful at setting goals AND accomplishing them ALL YEAR LONG??  Tired of thinking that you can never accomplish the goals you set out for yourself?  Want some FREE advice to help you succeed??

Watch below and learn my four tips to make this your reality for this next year.

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Episode 3: “The Real Meaning of the Holidays” Confidence Coaching Moment of the Week

The holidays are upon us!  Hallelujah!  Time to enjoy the time with family and friends, great food and drink, and everything in between.  That is all we focus on this time of year right!?!

Now I know I am not alone with getting caught up with focusing on the crap that this season is truly not about.  Take some time to watch this CCMOTW as I discuss the silly things we focus on and how we need to shift our focus to the three things that truly matter during this time of year.…

Episode 2: “Empower One Another Rather than Solely Competing With Eachother” Confidence Coaching Moment of the Week Series

This week on “Confidence Coaching Moment of the Week” I am focusing on a subject that many of us, including myself, need reminders of from time to time.  Women, we need to quit solely wanting to compete with each other and start empowering one another to success.  By building each other up we will all have a better chance to grow our confidence and improve our lives.  …

#33: Choices Made is Confidence Earned


Image by Sacks08

Conversations you have with yourself….

“What outfit am I going to wear today?  Will I stop and get a coffee on my way to work?  With lunch will I get fries or substitute the salad?  Who will I call to have dinner with tomorrow?  When will I fit in my workout today?”

What are the answers to these questions?  …

#32: The Trust Game

Broken Glass


Image by Rafael Saldana

Ladies, what is something you cannot see but is powerful, can change lives, and build up or destroy relationships?


Trust is an invisible but very powerful.  It is something we give to others and pray they respect and treasure.  Even though for something that you can never hold, it can create catastrophic damage when someone misuses it.  

About Me

Hello, I am Joey Phillippi, a Licensed Master Social Worker.  My mission is to help you live a confident life, gain a greater understanding of yourself and others, and identify ways we can join together to positively change our world.

I have conducted many confidence interviews with women to gather additional insight to understand how to create a generation of confident women. …