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The Seven Lessons 2014 Taught Me

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The hours of 2014 are slowly disappearing no matter how you look at it. As a sip on coffee and reflect, a biggest revelation I have is 2014 was a huge growing year for me, personally and professionally. These growing pains brought tears, strength, struggles, and triumph. I know each experience was required to equip me for 2015. I am grateful for it all.

This next year is going to be monumental to Truly Confident Women and Me. I feel it wholeheartedly to my core, and I see the world differently now. I am armed, brave, and prepared. 2015, bring it, because I am ready. Before I get ahead of myself, let me share what I learned to get myself to this warrior state.

1. Life is truly about giving, helping, teaching, and loving one another. Period.

Coming into 2014 I believed these points but I was still holding on to “my best stuff” in fear of giving away too much. Fear was holding me back. Half way through 2014 I changed my mindset from wanting to help others to needing to do so.

I started to give away my best advice, confidence coaching tips, and resources available to me. My whole motivation was giving to others and spreading love. By doing so, it has been coming back to me tenfold, through new connections, stronger relationships, and a slowly growing business. This gives proof to how I need to not only run my empire but also my overall life. Period.

2. I will no longer listen to others’ definition of success from people I do not personally know, and only inquire advice from myself, God, and loved ones around me.

Years ago I used to think that making six figures and living the “high life” was where it is at. I worked 3 jobs at a time, killing myself to get to that next level of success (defined by others not actually me).

This year I learned that this mindset is a facade.

I would rather make $2500 a month but have every ounce of freedom of my time over working for “the man” in some nature making double. This freedom allows me to build Truly Confident Women, enjoy my family and friend’s company, and live anywhere my sexy man and I choose. My true definition of success. I will make a comfortable living but I will get there following only my life plan. Change your mindset, change your outcome.

3. Time is the most valuable currency I own and can give to others. Soak the shit out of every second as each is, literally, a once in a life time opportunity.

As I turned 32 this year I have noticed what provides me the most joy is when I use my time to improve myself and enjoy the company of others I love. I also have realized that a priority of mine taking care of those in my community. I need to volunteer time, give money, do what is within my means to help others. I have no time to waste being sad in bed about life, watching mindless television, or being around negative people. I will still feel sadness and sorrow, but I choose to do something about it. Embrace the ups and downs.

I put a higher value in enjoying the time with those around me, laughing, loving, and sharing. These moments are what people will remember when I die, not the big gifts or extravagant things. All people want, including me, is to feel loved. Join in with me, put down your phones, get involved in conversations, and spread love among those you care about.

4. My mom’s main message to me always, even now, is to “Be Brave.” I hear her whisper it daily.

Losing my mother when I was 17 sucked, and at times it still sucks. The craziest thing is 14 years later she continues to teach me through her overwhelming wisdom and spirit. The biggest revelation I have had yet, where I felt almost knocked in the face, is the fact that through all her lectures, encouragement, strict attitude, and love, her simple message to me is to “Be Brave.

She has always wanted me to keep pushing myself forward, try new things, and continue to take risks. After this mind blowing moment I am less fearful of failing or messing up because I am only listening to my mom. You know your mom is always right.

5. Patience is a lesson that keeps on giving. I now appreciate the pace my life is going because otherwise I might miss a life lesson.

Patience is probably the hardest lesson I will learn. I am still working on it, but 2014 taught me how to appreciate it. I am not in control of everything and cannot build an empire overnight.

Truly Confident Women will change many times over to include different products and different people around the world. Also, Truly Confident Women will let me be able to live the life that I dream about and help others in ways I cannot even fathom just yet. I am so excited for these truths! This cannot happen without some time. Patience, I bow to your life lesson and welcome your wisdom.

6. Being on a team in my relationship is the only way we can weather the storms and celebrate from the rooftops. Support each other to be strong as an individual, which will lead to becoming a stronger overall team. Be a Boss, Date a Boss, and Build an Empire.

Garin and I moved in together the beginning of 2014, by accident, after an employment opportunity on his part fell through at the last minute. There were moments where getting adjusted to this change was hard. In truth relationships are not rosy all the time and living together can be stressful as hell as well. 2014 has helped Garin and I become stronger as individuals and a couple. We are a stronger team through communicating our needs and learning what each one needs from our personal surroundings.

We always focused on respecting each other and talking through everything. In all honesty, I love that we were thrown into it without a “rosy glasses” phase because our situation has always felt real. From this I know my love for him has grown and I respect the hell out of him. He is my best friend and who I want to enter into battle with. Watch out 2015 this team is going to to take you by storm and make you our bitch. 2015, You have been warned.

7. Personal care and clean eating is a requirement for me to maintain my sanity, keep anxiety at bay, and reduce hidden moments of rage escaping.

Hello, My name is Joey, and I have a sensitive digestive system that does not play well with gluten and dairy. I cannot change this, no matter how much I try to eat it, I will get sick. This is not a sign of a weakness, just simple fact. I am done apologizing for it or over thinking how I cannot eat certain foods. Moving on to focus on how to make my machine (body) perform at it’s optimal level.

Treat your temple with the utmost respect. Live with Intention daily.

This requires healthy food, daily gym visits, regular sweat sessions, conversations with God, and writing in my journal. I love the gym, leaving drenched in sweat, tired as hell from the workout I pushed myself through.

In the same token, I have neglected time for reflection through journaling, prayer, and meditation. 2014 has taught me these are just as important as my sweat sessions and eating well. For me they are all just as important as breathing. They help me stay present, work through my emotions, and grow. Without each piece I am not complete. No matter if I can only spare five minutes, each piece will get some of my time daily in 2015.

2014, thank you for these lessons.

You have been wonderful, a pain in my ass, heart wrenching, and mind blowing. Cannot wait to see what your younger sibling, 2015, has in store for me. I know you have prepared me to face it.

Cheers to lessons coming around the corner and always being brave.


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